Hardware Lines and Fertilisers

Sanctuary Point Garden Centre also carries large range of hardware lines for all your gardening needs, these include:

  • Decorative stones - we carry a selection of decorative stones in 20kg bags in a variety of colours
  • Decorative pavers - we carry many styles, colours and sizes of concrete and re-enforced concrete pavers plus garden edging
  • Gardening tools - hand-held tools such as trowels, forks and weeders, plus rakes, shovels
  • Garden accessories - hoses, sprinklers, sprayers, hanging baskets, metal pot holders, decorative plant trainers, plant stands
  • Pond pumps and accessories
  • All types of irrigation fittings and pipes in 13mm and 19mm
  • Bagged mulches - all of our decorative mulches are in 60 litre bags
  • Sugar Cane Bales - our bales cover up to 14sqm
  • Soils - premium garden soil
  • Potting mixes - from the basic to the best on the market for the professional gardeners
  • Growing mixes - specialty mixes available for azaleas, fruit and veg plants, orchids, cacti and succulents
  • Fertilisers - organic fertiliser available in pelletised or raw forms including cow, chicken and mushroom
  • Soil conditioners - Searles 5 in 1 soil conditioner
  • Pesticides, herbicides and miticides - we carry an extensive range of pesticides, herbicides and miticides to combat any garden ailment you may have
Searles is our preferred brand at the Sanctuary Point Garden Centre. Searles is the leading market innovator in the home garden industry and provides a wide range of exceptionally high quality products that produce excellent results. Through its extensive research and development program, a range of high quality products has been designed specifically to suit Australian climatic conditions and to provide you, the customer, with only the very best results.

Another great reason why Sanctuary Point Garden Centre love Searles is because Searles is a wholly owned Australian company. Searles manufactures and package their products right here in Australia, therefore keeping Australians employed and profits here in Australia.

Pots, Planters and Garden Features

Our range of pots planters and outdoor features is sourced from multiple suppliers throughout Australia and beyond. Our range included the following:

  • Metal garden art
  • Wall art and wall planters
  • Concrete statues and ornaments
  • Terracotta and glazed bird baths
  • One-off, oversize and decorative urns, planters and ponds
  • Concrete, terracotta, glazed and light-weight pots and planters in all the latest colour trends and designs
  • Water bowls, ponds and water features
  • Imported hand-crafted pots and ornaments
  • Fire pits and log stores
  • Fairy gardens and accessories
  • Bee and insect hotels, bird feeders and bird tables