October - What to plant NOW?

23 September 2011, Comments: Comments Off

New season Spring Vegies are in full swing, and we have several deliveries of the finest and freshest seedlings each week.

Some of the Vegies you can plant now are as follows:

Egg Plant
Seed Potatoes
Spring Onions

How to Plant

Remember, seedlings are baby plants, they need protection from strong winds and heavy spring rains.

Prepare the soil, use a bagged Moo Poo and some Blood & Bone to freshen the existing soil. Following the spacing guidelines on the seedling punnets and plant each of the seedlings into the prepared bed, water in well and apply Sugarcane Mulch to keep in the moisture.

Handy Hints

Cymbidium Orchids which have outgrown their pots can be divided now. Remove only the old and withered ‘black bulbs’

Prune Hibiscus – October is a good time for gardeners in temperate and cooler zones to give flowing shrubs such as Hibiscus, Ixora (Prince of Orange) and Tibouchina a good prune. Cut back about a third of the overall growth, apply mulch and fertiliser, water well with a good deep soaking and new shoots will appear soon.

Work on weeds – the most important job of the month is getting on top of the weeds. Time spent now saves twice the time later and every weed you get out before it flowers and sets seeds means hundreds of weeds less in the future. If using a herbicide, don’t allow the spray to drift.

Spray Grapevines with Dipel or Success if the plants are being attacked by the Vine Moth Caterpillar.

Feed your lawn – Warm Season Grasses such as Kikuyus, Couches and Buffaloes (e.g. Sir Walter) are all starting into growth now and will respond very well to a dose of fertiliser. If you use a slow release lawn food then these don’t need to be watered in and will simply lie there until it rains.

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