March - What to Plant NOW?

12 June 2012, Comments: Comments Off

Fragrant, Fresh Herbs

New Season Autumn & Winter Vegie & Flower seedlings are in full swing, right now. At the Sanctuary Point Garden Centre, we have several deliveries of the finest and freshest seedlings each week.

An important job to do right away is to prepare your garden beds for the new seedlings. Over the Spring and Summer growing periods, the soil can become tired and over time nutrient is lost. To enrich the soil and give your seedlings the very best start, add some of the following to your garden beds:

* Moo Poo
* Chicken Manure
* Blood & Bone
* Dynamic Lifter

All of which are available at the Sanctuary Point Garden Centre.

Mix your chosen fertiliser into the existing soil, ensuring any lumps are broken down well into the soil. Leave your garden bed to settle for a few days and then you can plant your choice of seedling. Always follow the planting guide on your seedling tags, these tags will advise how deep and how far apart seedlings should be planted. Once you’ve planted your seedlings, give them a good watering in with some Seasol which will encourage the root growth and mulch the garden bed with a good covering of Sugarcane Mulch.

March is the time for planting Sweet Peas, traditionally seeds or seedlings are planted on the 17th March which is St Patricks day. Apparently, planting Sweet Peas on this day brings you Good Luck.

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