January - What to Plant Now?

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12 February 2013, Comments: Comments Off

Foxgloves look great in rambling cottage gardens…………….

Vegies to plant in January

January is still a great month to sow summer vegies, there’s still time to get a final crop into the vegie patch before it gets too cold. Try some Zucchini and squash, these are great in Fritats and quiche or as a steamed side dish accompanying the Sunday roast.

Flowers to plant in January

Foxgloves are lovely plants to have the garden, their colourful spires soar above the flower beds and add a lovely dimension to the garden. They come is a great variety of colours and look beautiful in rambling cottage gardens or along borders and fences. Let Foxgloves die back natrually to ensure they self seed and you get new plants for the next growing season.

Replenish and Replace

Your vegie patch has been working non stop all summer to produce an abundance of fresh, healthy vegetables for your family and friends. In January, you should repay the vegie patch by adding a couple of bags of Searles 5 in 1 Plant and Soil Conditioner and a fresh layer of Sugarcane Mulch to ensure the last of the summer crops are as good as the first.

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