August - What to Plant Now?

24 July 2012, Comments: Comments Off

Even though the nights are still cold and the days still feel a little bit wintery, all through the garden, things are starting to stir. Spring flowering bulbs are getting ready for their annual performance and the decidous trees are forming their spring buds……it must be August…….

August is one of those months when we start to see the autumn and winter vegie seedlings mingling with the early spring newcomers. At the Sanctuary Point Garden Centre, vegie seedlings such as Tomatoes, Chillies, Capsicum and Egg Plant are starting to arrive by the onset of August. These newcomers will need to be protected from the August winds, lingering cold snaps and heavy winter rains.

Placing some light plastic over the seedlings at night will assist with a lot of these potential issues. In addition, planting in a warm sunny position in the vegie garden or even better, sitting them on a bright, warm, sunny windowsill indoors will give these little seedlings a very good start.

Flowers to plant in August

In August, Pansies are still in abundance and are still looking amazing and will continue to look amazing right through to the hotter months. Some alternative bedding flowers to plant at this time of year are Primula, Primula Obconica and Polyanthus. I have a wooden box filled with white Primula on my coffee table at home and they are quite beautiful. At the Sanctuary Point Garden Centre, our new stock of Petunia seedlings are arriving on a weekly basis, choose a warm spot in the garden and protect the seedlings from slugs and snails by using a top quality snail pellet such as Baysol.

The Sactuary Point Garden Centre has just taken delivery of some lovely Perennials such as Helleborus, they love the shade and flower from winter through to spring. Diascia ‘Blush Delight’ and ‘Coral Delight’ they love the sun and flower from winter through summer. Arctotis, which love it hot and dry, these plants are not only stunning, but they thrive on neglect. Coming soon we have some gorgeous Echiums (Pride of Madeira) and be one of the first to get your hands on a new release called Iberis – Turbo, stunning clusters of whirling white flowers, from late winter through to summer.

Here at the Sanctaury Point Garden Centre, we pride ourselves on having, without a doubt, one of the best collections of Native plants on the South Coast, so if your looking for Natives, look no further, we have them all.

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