Plant of the Month - October

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1 October 2012, Comments: Comments Off

Serruria Glomerata, ‘Lemon Honey’, fluffy foliage tipped with lightly scented cream flowers………….. a must have plant.

The Serruria ‘Lemon Honey’, is a beautiful little rounded shrub which has an abundance of soft cream and fragrant flowers. The Serruria ‘Lemon Honey’ flowers from spring through to summer and is perfect for pots or garden beds. The flowers are lovely as a cut flower and they last for a long time. The foliage of the Serruria ‘Lemon Honey’ is lime green in colour and is soft and fluffy to the touch. The Serruria ‘Lemon Honey’ is part of the vast Proteaceae plant family.

Another lovely Surruria available now at the Sanctuary Point Garden Centre is the Serruria ‘Blushing Bride’ . The Serruria ‘Blushing Bride’ has an abundance of white and pink flowers these Serruria also grow to 1m x 1m and are perfect for pots or in the garden.

So why not pick one a gorgeous Serruria up today at Sanctuary Point Garden Centre…………….

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